Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping at my shop.My name is Kenny Raines, and I have been an artist pretty much my whole life, but recently started painting about 3 yearsva ago.When I first started i didnt really know what I was doing (and still learning new stuff everyday) ,so i would paint mostly pop/rock/movie star icons.That was fun for awhile ,until I started to meet other painters and started really wanting to learn as much as i possibly can about painting.So far everything Ive done has been in acrylics or watercolors.I actually, just last night, bought my first set of oil paints...We will see how that turns out i this is basically a shop where you can purchase prints of my most popular paintings.I will add a variety of different sizes soon ,so that these prints will be affordable for any and everybody.As of right now "PayPal"is the method of payment I am using.I will add more payment options as soon as I can.If there are any problems,return issues, etc. ,please feel free to contact me here, or my facebook page.Im just getting this thing off the ground and will have more variety of pieces to choose from in the quite near future)Again, thank you very much for stopping by, and I hope you will be happy with the work Ive done.And feel free to contact my on any custom ideas you may have. Have a great day!!